We’re starting this one off differently, with the progress report right at the top! As of today (03DEC2020), Volume 3 is now officially longer than Volume 2. The published version of Volume 2 sat right under 119,000 words, and my rough draft of Volume 3 is now over 121,000 words, with plenty left to go! As always, I’ve underestimated how much I have left to write, so this is definitely going to be a long one!

With that being said, let’s get to the title problem: I’m currently writing a chapter that has been by far the most difficult one to write of the series. That’s for a multitude of reasons! Usually, I get a little stuck when my story is transitioning from a big set piece to the next section, and the “down time” feels boring in comparison. It’s not that I don’t enjoy those sections; I find that those transition sections of the story are often the best time to flesh out characters, and give them fun interactions that I otherwise wouldn’t have time for in tense situations. That is certainly not the case here!

I’ve been plotting out this particular sequence in my head for so long that I’m worried I’ll miss something unless everything is absolutely perfect. I’m tugging on old plot threads, tying up some current storylines, and setting up for some major ramifications in the future. When I find myself getting ready to write lately, I often have thoughts like “Maybe I should wait until I have more time to really look at this one”, or “My head isn’t in the perfect space to do this section justice”. While I’ve continued with my streak of writing every day, my pace has definitely slowed.

I’ve also found the contents of the chapter difficult to write as well. Obviously, this will be a spoiler free blog post, but needless to say, I’m writing a big action scene. I’ve always been particularly proud of my action writing. I feel like it’s exciting, relatively easy to follow, and grounded in a way that makes it naturally more believable. Those bounds are definitely be tested now. The specific combatants, the number of characters, the location, the stakes; everything has combined to make the throughline a lot more difficult to write in a way that continues in my tradition of good action. I’m making it work, but it takes a lot more time than usual!

With all that being said, the section is actually about to come to a close. The seeds planted here will bear some serious fruits, not only for the rest of this book, but for future installments as well, and I’m excited to finally get that stuff written down after what feels like a lifetime of plotting! I can’t wait to get some eyes on it and see if it’s as impactful as I think it is.

I’m currently at work while writing this, and should probably get back to that. At some point. So, until next time, stay safe out there, and as always, thanks for reading!


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