As you may have guessed based on the very exciting title, I’ll be announcing the super secret project that I’ve been working on behind the scenes over the past few months. However, in my usual fashion, I’ll be burying the lead to talk about some other things first. Classic!

Firstly, let’s talk about art! The in-process artwork from the past few updates is now complete, so let’s take a look! Our first piece has already been posted on my Twitter, but it’s now also live in my gallery. Here it is!

This piece was made by the illustrious @drewbiepie on Twitter. I’ve always been a huge fan of his style, and I finally took the plunge and had Lia illustrated. The little splash of color really makes the piece pop!

Now, shifting gears a bit, let’s take a look at some brand new, never-before-seen artwork! As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve commissioned some official character reference sheets for the main characters of the series, and the first sheets are finished! Without further ado, let’s take a look at the official reference for Lux!

This artwork (and all of the official artwork for the series going forward) is being done by @rezynsire on Twitter. I think they’re criminally underfollowed, so if you’re inclined, go give them a follow! There are more character sheets on the way for both Lia and Val, which I should have by the end of September. I’ve created a new section in the art gallery here to house character sheets so everyone can find them; these aren’t going to be officially published, so they’ll only live here on the website.

Now, one final update before the announcement! Progress on Volume 5 has been going quite well recently; my draft is about to pass the 45,000 word mark, which puts my writing pace pretty close to where it was in the midst of Volume 4. This is a bit deceiving, mostly because the past few days have been very good for my writing sessions and boosted that final count quite a bit. I’m finding that I need to change how I manage my writing sessions; where I used to be able to set aside 3 hours on a Friday night to bang out a thousand or so words, I work much better now with two 1.5 hour sessions instead. It seems that in my incredibly old age (I’m about to turn 30 next week!), my focus works better in bursts rather than marathons. Adapt and overcome!

Okay, no more stalling! It’s announcement time!

In cooperation with Bilibili Comics, Restart Again is going to be adapted into a Webcomic! I’m working with a fantastic team of artists and editors in order to bring the story to life in a full-color illustrated comic. I don’t have anything I can share in terms of art yet, but I’ve been able to see the character concepts and some storyboard panels, and I’m incredibly excited to see the finished product. There’s no timeline on when things will start to release, but as soon as I have an update, I’ll be sure to post it on every channel I have. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

I wanted to do my best to keep this under wraps until production was well underway to make sure I didn’t announce a project that ended up falling through and not happening. There’s always a chance that could still happen, but I’m pretty confident we’re well on our way to a finished product. I’ll keep you all updated when I can, but until then, stay safe out there, and as always, thanks for reading!


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  1. Super excited for you and the future that awaits for your work. I was hoping it would be something like a manga, comic or anime, mostly cuz I’m too dumb to think of anything else, but that’s awesome. I immediately texted my brother about the comic and he just said which story is that… but I totally get it, even if not everyone else does! I saw that Lia artwork the other day on Twitter and it looks amazing… Looking forward to the character sheets as well. Thanks for the updates and hoping all goes well ^^

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