All of the stories you’ve heard are wrong.

They always tell you that starting a new life in a fantasy world is an amazing experience, full of magic, adventure, and true love…but they never tell you what happens when it’s over. They don’t tell you that it just happens again. And again. By the time you start your third new life in a row, all of that initial amazement wears off. That’s where Lux finds himself now: Dropped into yet another fantasy world, forced to restart his life all over again. Having lost the people he loved twice over, he wants nothing more than to disappear and live a life of solitude…but it seems the world has other plans for him.

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Fate is not your friend.

People always seem to talk about fate like a benevolent, guiding force that one can put their trust in. Those people clearly haven’t been dragged through multiple lives without a choice. Fate is the reason Lux finds himself in the back of a prisoner wagon, after being forced to choose between Lia’s life or his freedom. Destined for the capital city Yoria and a trial before the King, Lux is ready for his life to be thrown back into turmoil once again. But fate, as always, has other plans for him.

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Trust is made to be broken.

After returning from a successful mission to stop the Attetsian uprising, Lux and Lia find themselves under threat once again, this time at the hands of their newest ally. With the full force of King Virram’s Trinity Guard set against them, they’ll have to fight their way through Val if they want to keep their family safe. But with the entire country of Kaldan against them, safety will be a hard thing to find.

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The true threat has finally been revealed.

An ancient order of heretics known as the Shadebinders has been revived, and their dark influence has spread beyond the borders of Kaldan. In the aftermath of their mission to the festering depths of Shadowmine, Lux and Lia have discovered the site where the Shadebinders will strike next: the frigid mountains of Doram. Forced back into a tenuous alliance with Valandra, the trio will need all the help they can get before they make their way north. Some help, however, comes with a cost; the voices in Lux’s head grow stronger with every passing day, pushing him further into the depths of his new deathly abilities. An unavoidable decision is coming: Is mastering the dark power of the Shadebinders worth the risk, or…

Are some powers better left in the shadows?

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