Hey all! It’s been a while since I posted an update, but I come with some significant news: as of this weekend, the first draft of Volume 2 has been completed! With a final word count of just over 118,000 words, it extended much farther beyond where I thought it would go, but I’m happy with the results.

So, what does that mean for the future of the series? As of right now, not much! I’m sending it to my close group of friends/editors, and I’ll be reading over those notes as they come in. In the meantime, progress on Volume 3 has officially started! I may only have a few hundred words written so far, but that’s a few hundred more than existed yesterday. It’s interesting starting from zero once again; reading through Volume 2 was an neat experience in terms of seeing my progress as a writer, and I’m curious as to where I’ll be at the end of Volume 3. I’d like to think I’ve become a bit better since this whole project started back in March 2019, and look forward to where I’ll be in March 2021. But I digress: while the editing process happens, I’ll be consistently working on Volume 3, while also looking to get my artwork commissions for the hard copy of Volume 2 started. More news on that when it comes in, but don’t expect it anytime soon!

Switching gears a bit, the final chapter of Volume 1 was posted on Royal Road today, to expectedly mixed results. I’m well aware that the decisions made in my final chapter are a bit divisive, both in how I left the cliffhanger and how my characters acted. I agree with the disappointment about the rough cliffhanger, as I’ve said multiple times before, but all in all I don’t regret how I published it. That aside, if anybody is reading this who hasn’t followed the project on Royal Road, I’d recommend going to check it out! I’ll be publishing the first three WIP chapters of Volume 2 over there over the course of the next few weeks, so if you’re looking for more content from this project, that’s where you’ll find it! (Link Here!) The release times are Wednesdays at 6PM EST and Sundays at Noon EST. 

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Judging by the dates on my previous news posts, I’ve finally run out the lingering ideas I wanted to post about the project, so the future of posts here will most likely be fewer, but more dense and exciting updates. That’s probably a good thing! I’m not sure what news I’ll have next for all of you, but this will be the first place to hear it. Until then, I hope you’re all safe out there, and as always, thanks for reading.


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