We’re less than 24 hours away from the official release of Restart Again: Volume 3! Before we get into the meat of this post, I’d like to put a gigantic thank you up top for everybody who pre-ordered a copy of the digital edition. There was enough interest that, for a single evening, it was a best-selling book on Amazon! That’s crazy to me. I’m eternally grateful for all of the support, and I hope you all enjoy the book when it releases tomorrow!

This will be a relatively short update, but I wanted to get some information out there before the release about pricing and hard copies. In terms of physical editions, the paperback should be live by the time the eBook releases tomorrow (it might even go live today, depending on Amazon’s review process!). I’m always a bit hesitant to make that a firm announcement given my struggle getting Volume 1 to release as a paperback, but I think I’ve gone through the process enough to get it done on time. We’ll have to wait and see!

A hardcover version of the book will also be available, but it won’t be releasing tomorrow. During the formatting/proofing process, Amazon put out new tools and guidelines for formatting hardcovers, which meant I had to go through and update the cover files. To ensure it meets the expectations I have for it, I’ve ordered another proof copy just to verify all the changes with the new formatting are correct. The process of getting physical proofs takes quite a while, so I won’t be releasing the hardcover for purchase until I’ve seen for myself that it’s going to look good. I believe the current delivery date of my proof is June 3rd, so barring any catastrophic failures, the hardcover should release by the end of next weekend.

I also want to take a minute to talk about pricing. When I released my first book, I didn’t have much of an idea of what it should cost. I ended up pricing the eBook relatively low at 3 dollars, and 9.99 USD looked nice and round for the paperback. As it was such a short book, those prices worked for Amazon, but that changed with Volumes 2 and 3. There’s a minimum price you’re allowed to set for your book based on various aspects, but the biggest one is page count. With Volume 3 being as long as it is, the minimum I can offer a paperback for is 14.99 USD (technically it’s a few cents less than that, but I like the classic 0.99 endings). I wish it could be cheaper, but if I want to offer expanded distribution, these are the rules. I’ve also increased the price of the eBook to 4.99 USD; this was a personal choice, but I feel like it’s an appropriate price for how long the book is. I’ll make you all a promise now, though: the price of the eBook will never be more than this! All further volumes of Restart Again will be 4.99 USD for digital editions (or less, depending on if I write another short volume).

That’s all I’ve got for news for now. I’ll release another update post after the release (most likely when the hardcover is approved) covering how the release went and the road forward for the series. Until then, please take another huge thank you for all the support on the series! I hope you all enjoy the newest addition to the series. Thanks for reading!


P.S. If you were curious about just how much longer Volume 3 turned out, check this out!

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