Hello readers! It’s been a while since my last update. The past month has been rather busy, both on and off the page! Work has certainly picked up in anticipation of the end of the year, and I had some lovely Thanksgiving celebrations to attend to. As I’ve been starting off these posts with a progress update lately, let’s keep that going! I’m just about to cross the 159,000 word mark. Attentive readers may notice that this is a decrease from the steady 20K/month pace I’ve held for the latter half of the year, and you would be correct! While 17,000 words in five weeks is still acceptable to me, it’s certainly slower than I was before, and even further below any sort of “professional” pace.

Now, with that in mind, the title of this post might be a little confusing. “Your writing is slowing down, but you’re already talking about release dates?” Well…yes! What I’ve failed to mention up until now is that, as of one week from the release of this post, I’ll be on vacation until we welcome in 2022 (good riddance, 2021!), and for a few days afterwards as well. I’m planning to make a big push over that vacation. While I’ll assuredly be spending some time with family for the holidays, there’s still plenty of space in that 21 day vacation to get a significant chunk of writing done.

Where does that leave us in terms of the release of Restart Again: Volume 4? It’s hard to tell for sure, but what I can tell you is that draft chapters will begin to appear on my RoyalRoad account on the 29th of December (click that link to follow me on RoyalRoad if you want notifications of when those chapters go live! The plan is to release on Sundays and Wednesdays as per tradition). I’m doing things a bit differently this time around; in the past, I’ve always completely finished the rough draft and done my own editing pass before posting it online, but based on the timeline of things, I think this’ll work much better. Readers will get into new content sooner, it’ll give me that little extra push of motivation to finish the manuscript, AND it’ll help move up the eventually final release date! That being said, it probably also means the draft chapters will be rougher than usual, and might be subject to more drastic changes than past posts. I don’t anticipate it being that noticeable (hopefully!), but keep that in mind when reading!

I can already see the finish line in sight on the current draft, as far away as it might be. I’m still anticipating this will end up being my longest volume, even after the massive increase of Volume 3, but even still, things are beginning to wrap up! I’m excited to finally get some of these ideas down on the page after having them bouncing around in my head for so long. Once all of the chapters are posted, they’ll remain on my RoyalRoad for free until the book releases, at which point I’ll have to take everything down apart from the first few chapters.

Based on ALL of that, I’m now aiming for a March 2022 release for Volume 4. It’s pushed back a bit from my most recent hopes of a February 2022 release, and much farther back from my hope of a December 2021 release back when Volume 3 launched, but that should give me ample time for editing, formatting, and collecting artwork.

Speaking of artwork, the cover art for Volume 4 has been completed! I won’t be posting it until I get a firm release date, but what I do have for you lovely blog readers is the rough draft!

Here she is again! The mysterious horned woman from previously posted artwork will be gracing the cover of Volume 4. I think the piece is absolutely gorgeous in its completed form, and it’s taking quite a bit of self control not to post it right now. I’ll settle for using it as my phone wallpaper for now. I’m planning to have two additional pieces of interior artwork, as per usual, but that’s also subject to change based on timelines and workloads.

That seems to be all I’ve got on my mind at the moment, so we’ll end here. I’m excited for everyone to get a chance to start reading Volume 4, even if it is in a rough, unfinished form. Make sure to check in here, on RoyalRoad, or on Twitter (or all three!) for updates on when those chapters release! Until then, stay safe out there, and as always, thanks for reading!


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