Hello everyone! Coming at you with a quick progress update on this (somewhat) special day in Restart Again history. I use the qualifier mostly as an inside joke: The first volume of Restart Again was released on February 29th, 2020, so to actually hit my TRUE anniversary, we’ll have to wait for the next leap year in 2024. Seeing as that’s a bit far off, we’d might as well celebrate my approximate 2-year anniversary as an author today on March 1st!

The series has existed in its published format for two years now. That doesn’t quite seem possible, but I assume that’s mostly due to the strange time dilating abilities of COVID-19. Since that release, two more books have come out, and the fourth is well on its way! I’ve greatly enjoyed my time as an amateur author, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading the series. There’s plenty more to come!

“But WHEN?” I hear you asking through this blank notepad. I’ve made quite a few predictions over the past three months or so trying to gauge just that, none of which have been correct. The story has continued to unfold during my writings, mostly in ways I expected, but sometimes down avenues I didn’t see until the moment had arrived on the page. In my last update, I believe I said something about “just finishing up this last chapter of action, and then a final one to wrap everything up”. How naïve I once was! If memory serves, this also happened in my draft for Volume 3, but that “last chapter of action” became two chapters of action. Never fear, though! BOTH of those chapters are now complete, and the wrap-up chapter is well under way!

The current word count of my draft sits just over a whopping 211,000 words, which is FAR more than I ever expected to write in one volume. If you’ve been keeping up with the draft chapters as they go live on Royal Road (click the link HERE to check them out if you’re interested!) you’ve probably guessed that those action-y finale chapters are soon approaching. Given the time table of my release, the final wrap-up chapter is scheduled to go live on Sunday, March 13th. Will I finish it before then? I surely intend to! (It doesn’t help that both Destiny 2: Witch Queen AND Elden Ring dropped in the same week. I’m doing my best, I promise.)

After that comes another editing pass (line edits are almost done already! Time-save accomplished!), then formatting the document for publication, title and back material design, and getting the insert artwork finished. That definitely seems like a lot of work, but I anticipate it’ll go rather smoothly. At this point, I think it would be a bit silly to set any sort of official date for you to hang your hat on until I have the document uploaded and ready for preorder. If all things go well, you’ll get another blog post update from me before the end of the month with the official date revealed, so stay tuned!

I think that’s pretty much all I’ve got for you today. I’m extremely excited for everyone to get their hands on what will be my most substantial novel yet. I’ll make another update when dates begin to solidify, but until then, stay safe out there, and as always, thanks for reading!


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