Hello everyone! I’ll keep this update brief (I’m writing this while at work), but I have some news that needs sharing!

Firstly, as the title would imply, the audiobook version of Restart Again: Volume 4 will be officially released on December 6th! We’re finally only two weeks out from the official release, and I can’t wait to hear it alongside the rest of you! This volume was once again narrated by Alex Knox, who has been the voice of the series since Volume 1. If you’ve already read the book, you know it’s a long one; the total runtime comes in at just under 22 hours. That’s a lot of bang for your buck (or Audible credit!). There’s no pre-order link (yet, I’ll update the homepage as soon as it’s available), but it will be available wherever you consume your audiobook content! In the meantime, here’s the modified audiobook cover!

Let’s pivot to a quick progress update! Volume 5 is coming along quite nicely. I passed the 80,000 word mark last night (almost exactly, I believe it ended at 80,003), which is a nearly 20,000 increase from last month around this time. Finally getting back to my old pace from Volume 4! It’s funny to compare my previous works to my current draft; I was only a chapter away from finishing Volume 1 at this point (and when I say chapter, that meant about 4,500 words back then, compared to the average of about 10,000 now), but things are still in building mode here in Volume 5. Some long-hanging plot threads have finally found answers, but those answers somehow spawned their own set of questions. Funny how that works!

Still nothing concrete to report on the progress of the webcomic adaptation, apart from saying it’s still going strong! From what I’ve been told, it may start releasing much sooner than I had initially anticipated, but I won’t be making any official announcements until it’s 110% set in stone. Stay tuned!

A short update this time around, but I hope you’re looking forward to the audiobook! I know that I am. I’ve got a lengthier rant building at the back of my head that I’ll probably post next month around the holidays when I have more time to spend carefully crafting my shout into the void. In the meantime, things will continue to progress on all fronts. Until the next update, stay safe our there, and as always, thanks for reading!


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