I’ll do my best to keep this one brief, I promise! I’ve been making some great progress on Volume 2 this past week. The last few chapters have been percolating in my mind for a long time now, so it’s been an exciting time to actually get them written out and flesh out the details. Currently sitting at just over 94,000 words and 198 pages on Google Drive, the end of the first draft is definitely in sight!

After a month of holding off, I finally made my own post about the project on my social medias. I had never really intended to do so, and I had a lot of friends and family share the book when it first released on my behalf, but it felt like something I should do for myself as well. I’d never want to look back and regret that I didn’t do the things easily within my power to promote my work. I’ve also updated the release schedule on Royal Road; chapters now release twice a week on Sundays and Wednesday, instead of just on Sundays. I thought about it over the course of the past week, and seeing as most fictions hosted there update daily, I knew that a once a week update probably wouldn’t hold interest very well in that ecosystem. There’s definitely a balance to be found between giving away the whole project for free right now, and not posting it anywhere aside from behind paywalls, and I think twice a week updates is good for now.

I’m considering purchasing a real website to host all of my content that isn’t just a Google site. I mainly picked this service because 1) it’s free, and 2) it was convenient at the time. Now that I have a few social accounts, I’m realizing this site can’t really do everything I want it to: I can’t link to specific news posts, I can’t add sections where people can leave comments (as far as I know), and my formatting options for the pages are a bit limited. This is the only official site linked to my book, so I’m a bit hesitant to leave, but the upgrade will happen someday. This spot will remain in perpetuity, as a record of where I was in the beginning, and to redirect people to the new and improved site, so keep this spot on your radar for any announcements.

That’s about all I’ve got for this one. When I sat down to write this, I noticed that most of my updates have come out on Sundays, like this one. That’s been purely coincidental, as I didn’t and do not intend to make these posts some regular occurrence; Sunday just happens the be my most unscheduled day when I have the time to make an update. The news posts might come less frequently in the near future now that things have mostly settled down, but know that I’m always working on Volume 2 (and soon to be Volume 3, hopefully!) regardless of how often I tell you my word/page counts.

Stay safe out there folks, and thanks for reading.


P.S. After writing this, I realize it’s one of the longest posts on here. I refuse the change the title.

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