Hey everyone, quick update for you! I have officially created a Twitter handle for all things Restart Again. You can find me there @RA_Adam_Ladner. It’s not the most ideal handle, but unsurprisingly, all the combinations I could think of for “Restart Again” were already taken. Go figure. If you’re reading this post, and Twitter is a service you use, head on over to say hi!

At the suggestion of one of my reviews on Amazon (Thanks Darrin!) I’ve also set up a page on Royal Road. I had never actually heard of it before the review; it’s a website where authors can go and post their work to a community of dedicated readers, with a bunch of features like commenting/following certain authors/other things that I haven’t found yet. It seems pretty nifty! I did take a moment to think about the value proposition of the whole idea: if I’m selling copies of my book on Amazon for real hard-earned currency, should I be posting it for free as well? I didn’t write this book to make money, so my decision is yes! With a caveat: using the lovely scheduling tool, I’m uploading one chapter a week, every Sunday at 00:00, until the whole book is posted. If I’ve done everything correctly, the final chapter of Volume 1 will go live on Royal Road on August 2nd. That seems incredibly far away. Volume 2 will DEFINITELY be finished by then (maybe even through editing and art commissions, who knows!), and I’ll most likely be well under way on Volume 3. The Royal Road account might be less useful for anybody reading this post in a timely fashion, as you’ve already purchased a copy of the paperback edition on Amazon (I assume).

I said I’d make an update when the socials are created, and I’ve now fulfilled that promise. I’m continually curious as to anybody is actually reading these news updates, so if you are, head over to the new Twitter and let me know! I’d appreciate it. In the meantime, I’ll be chipping away at Volume 2: as of the time of this post, I’ve just crossed 90,000 words and am still going strong. Until then, I hope the social presence is of use to some of you. As always, thanks for reading!


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