Hey there! If you’ve found your way to this page, I’m guessing you have read at least part of my book, “Restart Again: Volume 1”. If that’s not the case, head on back to the home page for a description of what it’s all about (and the Amazon link to buy it!). It seemed like a good idea to make some sort of online space where I could update any interested readers with news on the project, and as I do generally everything through Google these days, I settled on Google Sites. Make sure to check back here for news on the latest entries into the “Restart Again” series!

This is a pretty landmark day for me as an author: as of this morning (at around 12:30AM EST), my very first book was published on Amazon. I even made my first sale (thanks Australia)! Only the eBook is available for purchase right now, but there will be a paperback version coming soon; once the test copy reaches me and I make sure that nothing went wonky with the formatting, I’ll hit the button to send it to processing, and it should be up for sale within a few days. Amazon’s self-publishing tool is not the most user friendly in terms of formatting, especially in regard to artwork, so I want to ensure everything is exactly the way it should be before any physical copies get sold.

This is also the day that this whole site is going live with any real amount of content. I expect it will be a bit barren for a while, apart from announcing when the above paperback is ready for sale, but I figured it was a good idea to at least set up some basic pages now so it’s ready for updates as they come.

Speaking of updates, I’m going to try my best to post here every once in a while about how the project is progressing. At the time of this first news post, I’m well on my way to finishing the second entry in the series (already 70K+ words written). It will definitely end up longer than the first volume, so I’ve still got some writing ahead of me for sure. After that, I send out a few copies for friends to read and give editing suggestions (thanks in advance, Maria!).  Then comes artwork, and the whole formatting process for going from a Google Doc to a real book. I started writing Volume 1 in March  2019, finished the initial draft in August, and published it in March 2020.  Following that logic, maybe Volume 2 will be ready to publish in August?

This is getting pretty lengthy for a news post, so I’ll cut it off here. Check this space for the latest news on the series, and of course, thanks for reading!


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