After many days of tweaking the cover file to the exact specifications that Amazon requires for physical copies (thank you Kyle), the paperback edition has finally been released! I’m a day late posting this (it officially went live at about 5:00PM yesterday), but as the link to this website only exists on the back of the physical copy, I’ve got time! I don’t have a unified page for both the paperback and the eBook yet, but the system says that should happen automatically within a few days, and then my work on Volume 1 will be entirely finished. It feels a bit surreal to think that; I started writing it in March of 2019 as a fun creative writing project, and here we are a year later with physical editions shipped out from Amazon.

I need to give a huge thank you to my friends and family who have been showing their support of the project since it released yesterday. It means so much to me reading all the messages of people excited to receive their copies in the mail. I hope you all enjoy it! Also, thanks to all of you who have no idea who I am, but still decided to read the book anyway. That’s still a weird concept to me.

As always, my work continues on Volume 2 every day. Volume 1 ended somewhere around 86,000 words, and I’m nearing the 80,000 word mark in Volume 2. While the end is in sight conceptually, there are still many words to be written before I get there. Could it cross the 100,000 mark?…Maybe! The book will end wherever it needs to end, regardless of whether it reaches an arbitrary word count goal.

One final thought before I go. I set one important rule for myself when I started this project: always keep looking forward. I’ve attempted creative writing projects in the past, but I always got bogged down on repeatedly editing the passages I had just written. That didn’t happen with this project, but it did have an interesting consequence. After writing for six months, I found that I was much more confident in my writing abilities, and my style had changed a bit from the beginning. Reading the first chapter again was a very strange experience, and I had a strong urge to re-write the whole thing. I got over this eventually, as I know it’s inevitable. When I go back to read the first chapter of Volume 2, I’m sure I’ll cringe as hard as I did back when I reread the first chapter of Volume 1; as confident as I feel now, I’m sure future me will do the same reading the first chapter of Volume 3. I guess that’s just progression.

With Volume 1 officially published, I’m not sure I’ll have much more “News” to post in the news section. I plan on popping back in here at least once a month to give updates on the project, or just drop any random notes I think up in the meantime. Maybe it makes more sense to title this section “Journal”. We’ll see! Thanks for all the support so far, and of course, thanks for reading!


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