I’m writing this post at 12:08AM on Sunday, November 1st. As of 8 minutes ago, Restart Again: Volume 2 is available for purchase on Amazon as both a paperback and an eBook! I’ve only realized now that staying up for the release was a bit of a gamble: Not only is Amazon based in a different time zone as I am, but today is also Daylight Savings! Despite that, I seem to have been very lucky, and everything looks to be live on the website.

Those of you who follow my Twitter may have noticed that the paperback actually released earlier than the eBook this time! Amazon doesn’t allow you to do any sort of preorder event for physical copies, so I wasn’t able to go in on the backend and say “Just release this book at exactly the same time as the eBook”. When Volume 1 was released, I had quite a few issues getting my cover approved for the physical version, and it was delayed about two weeks after the eBook release. I submitted the finished paperback early this time around, assuming it would get kicked back, but it went through without any issues! The page went live on Friday afternoon, much to my surprise. I guess all of that practice with Volume 1 finally paid off!

With all of that said, I need to give a massive thank you to everyone who has supported the project up until now. I’m still having a blast working on it, and it’s been an amazing experience to see the reception to it so far! We still have a long way to go before the series is finished, and I hope you’ll stick with me on that journey.

Shifting gears slightly, here’s an announcement for you! Restart Again: Volume 2 has an audiobook in the works already! I’ve already finished all of the work on my end, and the production should be starting soon. I have no idea when that project will be finished, but I’ll certainly update you all when I find out! Alex Knox will be narrating once again, after his fantastic performance in Volume 1. If you haven’t heard it, and are interested in doing so, check it out here!

As always, I have a progress update for you on Volume 3! After my writing sessions this weekend, I have officially passed the 100,000 word mark again! I haven’t made a conscious effort to make each successive volume longer than the last, but that’s definitely the case once again. With Volume 1 sitting somewhere around 85K, and Volume 2 at nearly 119K, I have no doubt Volume 3 will be even longer. I know this trend will end eventually, but for now, expect even more content packed into your stories.

It is now 12:25AM, and I am very tired. You might see a lot more of me in the coming weeks on this blog as the official release develops, so I’ll just say this for now: thank you for reading.


ADDENDUM: It’s now 12:28AM, and I just remembered one final note! As of midnight, the eBook version of Volume 1 is now on sale for just $0.99. The sale lasts for a week, until Sunday, November 8th. If you’re here after seeing the second volume released and want to catch up on the series, now is the best time to do so!

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