As the title implies, the official audiobook adaptation of Volume 2 has been released! You can pick it up on Amazon, Audible, Scribd, and any other audiobook website you use (it’s not exclusive to Amazon, so I’m sure you can find it wherever you’d like). I worked with the same company to produce this volume as I did for Volume 1, and was able to get the same narrator this time around. I think Alex did a fantastic job once again! If you’re into audiobooks, your time has finally come to check it out!

It’s been a bit weird to go back and live in the world of Volume 2 again, if only for the length of the audiobook. With Volume 3 currently being edited and illustrated, and Volume 4 currently underway (18K+ words at the time of this blog post), it feels like I was working Volume 2 years ago. In actuality, it’s only been 4 months since Volume 2 was published! Time has a funny way of playing tricks on you like that. My debut as an author was one year ago, almost to the day; Restart Again Volume 1 released on March 1st, 2020. After the 2020 we all had, I think we can be forgiven for being a bit fuzzy on the timeline.

I don’t have much more to say for this one. There’s a blog post percolating in the back of my head about my philosophy on artwork going forward, but that doesn’t really fit in this news update at all, so expect it at a later date. Until then, go check out the audiobook! I’m extremely pleased with the final product, and I hope that you all enjoy it. At this point, I guess it’s safe to announce that there will also be an audiobook adaptation of Volume 3, but as I haven’t even published the eBook/physical editions yet, that’s some time away.

I’ll leave you with the official cover artwork for the new audiobook. Until next time, stay safe out there, and as always, thanks for reading!


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