Hello everyone! It’s been over a month since my last post, but I haven’t forgotten about you. Things have been pretty quiet on my end recently, and yet, lots of exciting stuff is bubbling just underneath the surface. Let’s keep this one short and dive right in!

Firstly, let’s talk about that promised artwork! Of the two pieces I had in process in my last update, one has been completed, and the other is currently in the works. Those of you who follow me on Twitter have probably already seen the finished piece (unless the algorithm Gods determined my post unworthy), but for those who avoid the socials, let’s debut it on my website! Done by the fantastic @KissuVt on Twitter, here’s a look at Lia in her reforged Volume 3 armor!

Speaking of artwork, I’ve got a quick update for you on the official side of things as well! The artist I’ve worked with for my past three books is taking some time away from commissions, so you may notice a difference in art style on the cover of Volume 5. I’ll certainly miss her artwork (and who knows, maybe we’ll see some more from her again someday!), but lucky for me, an artist I’ve worked with in the past was open for commissions and more than willing to take on the project! As per tradition, I won’t be sharing the cover art until the release of Volume 5 is imminent (a long time away, I’m afraid), but there might be some other surprises along the way I’ll be able to share!

…Okay, let’s not keep that a surprise. I’ve finally commissioned some official character reference sheets of Restart Again’s main cast, and I’ll be posting them here when they’re completed! As is only fair, Lux will be first up. I hope to have his reference completed sometime next month, so stay tuned for that!

Now, to those of you who read my last blog post and have been eagerly awaiting details on my vague and secretive side project, I have an update! Unfortunately, the update will be nearly as vague as the announcement. I’m going to continue holding off on giving away all of the details until I have some concrete progress to share, and until I know officially that I’m allowed to talk about it. However, what I can say is this: Adaptation rights to a new format have been officially discussed, negotiated, and sold!

So frustratingly vague, I know! I’m hopeful that by this time next month I’ll be able to make an official announcement of what’s been brewing behind the scenes.

Before I go, a quick update on Volume 5. The rough draft is just about to cross the 30,000 word mark. That’s a far cry from the overwhelming 210,000 of Volume 4, but we always have to start somewhere. Progress has been steady, but certainly slower than before Volume 4’s release. Rest assured that no matter what projects I take on in the background, progress will always be made on the series!

That’s all I’ve got for you for now. Next month’s update should be full of exciting news and fantastic artwork, so make sure you subscribe here on my website to get emails whenever updates are posted! You can also follow me on my Twitter, if you’re savvy to that form of communication. Until then, stay safe out there, and as always, thanks for reading!


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  1. Thank you for the update and all your hard work! Art looks great. Really looking forward to the side project as well. Only just finally finished Volume 4 on Kindle (although I read it on Royal Road originally) since I wanted to re-read the previous volumes before reading it again. Loving the direction the story is taking and patiently but eagerly awaiting your future works.

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