Audiobook for Volume 1 Officially Released!

As the title might have tipped you off, the audiobook version of Restart Again: Volume 1 has officially released! You can find it on or on I’m hopeful that my Amazon page will update to include the Audible link sometime soon so you can find every version all in one place, but thatContinue reading “Audiobook for Volume 1 Officially Released!”

Update: Things are Still Happening, I Promise!

Hello again, everyone! It’s been just over a month since my last update, so I wanted to pop in here and share what’s been going on in my little writing world. My last post was a bit of a downer; I was pretty up in my own head about how the series was progressing, andContinue reading “Update: Things are Still Happening, I Promise!”

Official Website is Launched!

Hey everyone! It’s certainly been a while since I last wrote an update post. Never fear, I’m still here furiously tapping away on my keyboard every night as Volume 3 progresses. I’ve considered making a post before now, but my old Google Sites page was really bumming me out with its lack of features. NotContinue reading “Official Website is Launched!”

Royal Road, and How to Read Volume 2 Early [18JUN2020]

Well, I certainly didn’t think I’d be making another news post so soon, but here we are. After receiving a few messages from readers on my Royal Road account, I have come to the realization that I’m not supposed to be hosting the entire book for free online according to my agreement with Amazon. BecauseContinue reading “Royal Road, and How to Read Volume 2 Early [18JUN2020]”

At the Mercy of the Algorithm [16JUN2020]

“The Algorithm” is a wonderful catchall for anytime I don’t know how things work on the internet. It’s sort of a meme at this point to blame it for anything that goes wrong online, but at the same time, I’m pretty sure it’s the entire reason I’ve found any level of success with my writing.Continue reading “At the Mercy of the Algorithm [16JUN2020]”

Volume 2 Rough Draft Complete! [07JUN2020]

Hey all! It’s been a while since I posted an update, but I come with some significant news: as of this weekend, the first draft of Volume 2 has been completed! With a final word count of just over 118,000 words, it extended much farther beyond where I thought it would go, but I’m happyContinue reading “Volume 2 Rough Draft Complete! [07JUN2020]”

A Legitimately Brief Update [28APR2020]

So, this will actually be a short update, I promise. I hit that fabled 100,000 word mark as of my writing session last night! I figured with as many times as I referenced it in the past news posts, I should probably announce that the feat has been achieved. I’m in the last chapter ofContinue reading “A Legitimately Brief Update [28APR2020]”

Dealing With Criticism [19APR2020]

Well, here we are. Another Sunday, another update post. I’ve actually been thinking about writing this up for a while, but it’s especially prescient tonight: How do I deal with criticism? When I decided to publish my story online, I knew that I’d be opening myself up to criticism. I wasn’t particularly sheltering myself fromContinue reading “Dealing With Criticism [19APR2020]”