Social Media Part II [05APR2020]

Hey everyone, quick update for you! I have officially created a Twitter handle for all things Restart Again. You can find me there @RA_Adam_Ladner. It’s not the most ideal handle, but unsurprisingly, all the combinations I could think of for “Restart Again” were already taken. Go figure. If you’re reading this post, and Twitter isContinue reading “Social Media Part II [05APR2020]”

The Future of Social Media and Updates [30MAR2020]

Things are a bit weird right now. I’m writing this post from work while most businesses are shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As I’m considered an essential employee, not much has changed for me. There are some posters around the lab telling us to wash our hands, and certain hallways/locations are off limitsContinue reading “The Future of Social Media and Updates [30MAR2020]”

In the Process of Formatting [15MAR2020]

Hello again! It hasn’t been too long since my last update, but I had something on my mind that I wanted to share. This entry is going to be about formatting, spellcheck, and grammar rules, so if none of that interests you, I suggest you turn back now. I don’t blame you if you do.Continue reading “In the Process of Formatting [15MAR2020]”

Paperback Edition is Live! [12MAR2020]

After many days of tweaking the cover file to the exact specifications that Amazon requires for physical copies (thank you Kyle), the paperback edition has finally been released! I’m a day late posting this (it officially went live at about 5:00PM yesterday), but as the link to this website only exists on the back ofContinue reading “Paperback Edition is Live! [12MAR2020]”